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My design skills comes from involvement in the Maryland activist community. My design work reflects past projects, community efforts and coalitions I've been involved with. To follow what activist projects I'm involved with check out my blog & resume.


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Past Client

Past Clients & Movement Cred

  • energy action coalition
  • hchr
  • ilf
  • rec
  • eqat
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I design websites to make non-profits, community organizations or small businesses successful by building visually appeal that reinforces branding, marketing and outreach. I come out of the trenches of community organizing and know what type of design is needed to help make organizations success. I strive for professional web design for people on the front lines trying to make the world a better and more just place.

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My goal is to create timeless and unique logos and branding. By doing that I insure that non-profits, community organizations and small businesses will be successful.

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I design infographics, largely for non profits and community campaigns to help show the urgency of the issue. I've designed infographics that have reached thousands of individuals across social media profiles.

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